RoPizza was a fun personal project I set for myself. The goal was to increase my knowledge of jQuery and JavaScript, and also to show my skills in using LESS and the Twitter Bootstrap framework.

The final result, is a clean, simple and fast loading website. The website allows good user interaction by clicking on the pizza or toggle button in the sidebar; this will make the pizza toppings change.

I followed the mobile-first design by ensuring the base CSS styles were built for mobile, then additional styles for tablet and desktop were built-on top.

What I did:

  • Produced the logo using Adobe Illustrator, then resized in Adobe Photoshop
  • Edited the default Twitter Bootstrap framework using LESS. I removed most of unnecessary components and styles to make the page to load quickly
  • Tested the website in a variety of browsers using the BrowserStack testing service
  • Minified JavasCript with Google’s Closure Compiler, to decrease the JavaScript file size and to decrease page loading time

Tested in these browsers

  • IE10+
  • FireFox 17+
  • Chrome 15+
  • Opera 12.10+
  • Edge 13+
  • Mac Safari 5+
  • Mobile Safari (iOS 4+)
  • Web Browser (Android 5+)
RoPizza website on a smartphone
RoPizza website on a smartphone