Android Bot created in CSS3 code snippet

Update: I have posted an updated version of this Android bot using CSS3 animations here.

I have been playing around with CSS3 recently. As a small test to see if it is possible to design with CSS3 I had a goal to create the Android bot in HTML and CSS.

The finished code appears to work fine in modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox and Apple Safari etc. I have listed the finished code on CodePen and as a Gist.

The Android bot will appear like this:


I have put the finished code up on CodePen here.

See the Pen Android Bot created in CSS3 by Ryan Fitton (@ryanfitton) on CodePen

You can also find it on Github as a Gist which can be found here.

Can’t see this Gist properly? View it on line here.

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