Catching up on Google Speed and Header videos for the web

First post of 2019! During the holidays I have been catching up on a backlog of video talks which I have been wanting to watch.

I have embedded the videos below:


HTTP Headers – The State of the Web

This is a really good video, discussing some of the most common HTTP headers, how they’re used and why you should be using them. Andrew Betts also discusses the HTTP Archive project.



State of the Union for Speed Tooling (Chrome Dev Summit 2018)

Another good video which discusses the upcoming changes in Google’s performance tools such as Lighthouse and Page Speed Insights. A good bit happens at ’08:10′ which mentions the changes to scoring boundaries for Lighthouse – basically they’re raising the bar for how they expect how a ‘performance’ site should be ranking.



Old vs New JavaScript – HTTP203

Jake and Surma discuss the changes between the methods of writing JavaScript, from the ‘olden’ days to the new ways of working.

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