Learning about Google OptiScore (Optimisation Score)

This was new to me; Google OptiScore is a new tool within your Google Ads portal which will suggest improvements which can be made across your whole account or individual campaign levels.

The suggestions provided by OptiScore should improve your Ad performance for your site.

I watched a recent video provided by the Partners team at Google from their ‘Elevenses Livestream‘.

This information was really useful to me, because of this I have embedded the recorded video from the session below and added my notes:

  • What is an Optimisation score?
      • Uses a combination of statistical models, simulations and machine learning to give you a personalised and real time recommendations tailored to your account’s performance.
      • It is a score of 0 to 100, with 100 being the best it can be and 0 meaning the site needs improvement.
      • OptiScore is a way to make your Google Ads account smarter. Use Smart Creatives, Smart Bidding and Smart Targeting.
  • Benefits of OptiScore:
    • You should use OptiScore because it is Instant (the score updates and changes based on your changes), Personalised to you (you will only see a notice/suggestion if the system can see this will make a sizeable difference), Actionable and Scalable (you can view OptiScale across a whole account level or campaign level).
  • Key Tips and Tricks:
    • Save time with writing your RSA
      • These can be templated, saving you time
      • OptiScore will give you tips on how these should be written
  • Takeaways and Resources:
    • OptiScore is Instant, Personalised, Actionable and Scalable
    • Saves time and improve efficiency with OptiScore
    • There is more information available here.
    • A recording of this webinar is here.


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