Home Network Setup: What’s in my rack 2019

This is a follow on from my first post which described how I installed multiple CAT6 network cable runs in my house, view here.

In this post, I will talk through the equipment which is currently in my network rack for 2019.

Firstly, I have upgraded to a larger rack; now a 9U 600x600mm rack.

Here is a list of the hardware from top to bottom:

  1. Top row (Left): Qotom Q150P-S08 Mini PC running pfSense – Runs my network’s routing functions and VPN, and has support AES-NI encryption which will in come useful for later versions of pfSense. The processor is a Quad Core Celeron N3160 with 2x 1GB Ethernet ports, small 16GB SSD and 2GB DDR3 memory.
  2. Top row (Right): Virgin Media – Running in modem mode. Provided by Virgin Media, an ISP in the UK.
  3. HP ProCurve 24 Port Gigabit Switch (1800-24G J9028B) – The main switch, all devices connect into this.
  4. TP-Link 8 port Gigabit POE switch (TL-SG1008PE) – POE switch, mainly for WiFi access points and IP Cams.
  5. Custom built server in a short depth 3U Logic Case chassis, the case was not designed to be rack mounted but I was able to mount is with these rails here, just needed some small bolts and extra holes to be drilled. The server is running an Intel i3-4170 with a Crucial (CT2KIT102472BD160B) 16GB DDR3 ECC memory kit, Supermicro X10SLL-F motherboard, 2x 3TB WD RED drives (mirrored raid) and Intel (EXPI9404PT) Pro/1000 PT Quad Port Ethernet Adaptor. I am running Ubuntu Server with LXD containers for my software: Shinobi DVR, Cups print server, FreePBX, Emby and Samba storage.
  6. Also; not in the image, there is an APC Back-UPS (BX700UI) which can last around 10 minutes powering everything but the laser printer.


Links to items

If you’re interested in purchasing the same products and tools I have used, help me out by purchasing one from Amazon UK with my affiliate codes:

  1. Qotom Q150P-S08 Mini PC
  2. HP ProCurve 24 Port Gigabit Switch (1800-24G J9028B) – No longer in production, but you can find great deals for managed switches like this on eBay.
  3. TP-Link 8 port Gigabit POE switch (TL-SG1008PE)
  4. 3U Short Depth Server Chassis (SC-34390) and rail kit (SC-03A 500mm) – requires extra holes to be drilled into case
  5. Server parts:
    1. Intel i3-4170
    2. Crucial (CT2KIT102472BD160B) 16GB DDR3 ECC memory
    3. Supermicro X10SLL-F motherboard
    4. 3TB WD RED
    5. Startech Drive Cage
    6. Intel (EXPI9404PT) Pro/1000 PT Quad Port Ethernet Adaptor
  6. APC Back-UPS (BX700UI)



R Dee
  • May 27th, 2020

Who makes the rack in this photo and do you have a link to it?

–R Dee

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