This WordPress powered template is one part of a set of three which were produced for Eclipse’s ‘Dynamic Web Design’ service.

‘Dynamic Web Design’ is a service provided to clients who would like to be up and running quickly with a website that can be customised to suit their needs.

As these were kept as pre-built templates, options have been added for clients to change their text colours, logo, content and images.

Each of the templates are responsive using Bootstrap v2. The stylesheets were built in LESS, which are then compiled into CSS3. Bootstrap’s Javascript was used to handle the navigation menu, with Contact Form 7 being used for the website’s contact form.

As these templates were being used as a demo site, these were incorporated into a WordPress multi-site. This allows you to login once, but with all sites linked together.

Unlike the other web design temaplates, this design features an ‘Our services’ and ‘Who we are?’ content area. To make this area easy to edit in the WordPress back-end, a custom WordPress plugin was developed which integrated with WordPress Custom Fields to show editable content areas.

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Eclipse Dynamic Webdesign Template 3
Eclipse Dynamic Webdesign Template 3