Home Network Setup: What’s in my rack 2021

Following on from my original post in 2017 and a follow up I made in 2019, I am making this post to show the changes my to my home network.

Some parts have not changed. such as;

  • The rack, a 9U with dimensions of 600x600mm.
  • I am still running pfSense on a Qotom Q150P-S08 Mini PC.
  • Still using a HP ProCurve 24 Port Gigabit Switch (1800-24G J9028B) as my core network switch.
  • And APC Back-UPS (BX700UI) UPS.

Although I have made changes to the LXD containers running on my home server. I am still running Shinobi DVR, Cups as a print server and Samba shares for network storage access. FreePBX has been removed and Emby has been replaced with Plex. These are new containers: Ubuntu Landscape, Home Assistant, LibreNMS and TP-Link Omada controller software.

I have also purchased new hardware;

  • New PoE+ switch: HP 1920-24G-PoE+ (180W) JG925A – This will be replacing a TP-Link PoE switch.
  • In the garage I have installed a new PoE+ switch: Netgear GS110TP and a TP-Link EAP 225 Outdoor access point TP-Link EAP 225 Outdoor access point (currently indoors, but I hope to mount this outside soon)
  • Switched broadband providers to BT. I am using an basic Openreach branded Huawei VDSL HG612 modem, the pfSense router handles PPPoE connectivity.
  • I’ve also purchased a Hauwei B535-232 4G router to act as a backup internet connection, pfSense automatically handles failover.
  • A temperature monitor using a Raspberry Pi Zero with sensor running a custom web UI I have developed.
  • Also in the garage I have built a NAS powered by a 4GB Raspberry Pi 4, images below.

Network VLANs have been setup to help improve network security. This is one of the reasons why I purchased two new network switches. Details of these VLANs are below:

  • Lan (Default Lan network – no VLAN, had access to all VLANs)
  • VLAN10 – Secure network for servers (can access other VLANs, can only be accessed from LAN)
  • VLAN20 – IP Cam network (No access to other VLANs, Internet access blocked)
  • VLAN30 – IoT network (No access to other VLANs)
  • VLAN40 – Guest network (No access to other VLANs, Internet access has been speed limited)



If you would like to check-out the items I have used in this post, check them out on Amazon using my affiliate links:


  • March 19th, 2021

nice setup. quite envious.

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  • July 31st, 2021

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